Plumbing Repairs

The plumbing system in your household should be regularly examined, maintained and fixed, if needed. Plumbing repairs are the most frequent and important ones you should make in your home. Almost all people have plumbing supply problems, though a lot of them require additional help in plumbing repairs.

The following articles will provide information about cleaning various plumbing fixtures, repairing leaky faucets and installing the new ones.

Drain Cleaner and Opener Information
The article will give you helpful information on how to clear a drain. You will also know how to clear heavy blockage in your main drain.
Everything about the Kitchen Sink
If you are planning your new kitchen or remodeling an old one, the article will help you to make clear what type of kitchen sink suits your demands.
Faucet Types and How to Repair Them
Reading the article you will know what types of faucets exist and how you can repair them.
How to Replace a Hot Water Heater
Find out how to replace a hot water heater; take into consideration each step you should take and get to know more details about the very process of water heater replacement.
How to Unclog a Drain
The article will provide you with helpful information on how to unclog anything from a slight to severe drain block. Information on unclogging hard to negotiate drains is also available.
Installing or Replacing a Faucet
If your faucet has gone out of style or out of life (is broken), and you think of a new one, you need to know how you can install or replace it.
Kitchen Sink Plumbing Repair
Learn more about kitchen sink plumbing repair; become aware of the reasons for plumbing problems and the means of their elimination.
Mounting a Pedestal Sink
Study how to install a pedestal sink, look through the mounting stages. Find out how to fix the sink and to mount the faucets.
Plumbing Repair Basics
Get acquainted with the plumbing basics and plumbing repairs; learn to distinguish among water supply system, drain and waste plumbing and gas piping. Consider some instructions on the plumbing problems elimination.
Plumbing Tools
Learn the most essential tools useful for common plumbing jobs. Read about pipe wrenches, locking pliers, hacksaw, screwdrivers, measuring tape, pipe cutter and drain clearing tools.
Removing a Radiator
If you need to remove a radiator for some reason, then it will be useful for you to find out some recommendations that are necessary for you to know.
Repairing a Leaky Shower
Learn about the sources of water leakage in your shower, find out how to repair a leaky shower, and look through the materials and tools you will need.
Repairing a Leaky Toilet
Find out how to repair a leaky toilet by yourself. Learn different problems with your toilet and discover how to solve them.
Setting up or Replacing a Tap
Find out how install and replace a tap. Read about the tools you may need and look through the tap installing procedures.
Using Right Instruments
Learn about different tools which are required while you repair clogged drains, sinks, bath tubs and toilets. Find out about peculiarities of these tools and their usage.